Purchasing Partners of America (PPA) is a free group purchasing organization that saves money for its members by using the power of combined purchasing to get discounts from commonly used goods and services.

Purchasing Partners of America is operated within United Social Enterprise Inc, a Colorado Corporation founded in 2009.

How Does PPA Work?

What is a group purchasing organization?
The concept of group purchasing is simple; the more the group purchases, the deeper the discounts offered by Vendors to all members of the group. The deeper the discounts to the members for goods and services, the more money members retain in their budgets to meet organizational goals. The buying power of the entire group allows the small non profit to gain the same discounted prices as the larger organizations! You no longer stand alone in the purchasing marketplace and you will experience greater benefits by joining hands with the other members.
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Why Do Non-Profits join Purchasing Partners of America?
Purchasing Partners of America, being a socially minded enterprise focusing on supporting non-profits, has given members the power of purchasing that they would not have buying alone. With years of direct experience, PPA understands the non-profit sector's needs and specializes in meeting those needs. Today, more than ever, non-profits need to join hands and work together to get the best prices and services. Discounts range from 10% to 60%!
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Why Do For-Profits join Purchasing Partners of America?
We have found that many for-profit businesses have a desire to see our community's non-profit organizations succeed. Many of these business folks are on our Boards of Directors, are donors or community volunteers. They deepen our discounts and strengthen PPA purchasing ability every time they participate in buying through our group purchasing organization. Business leaders feel great about this win-win situation. They get excellent savings on their purchases and they support the non-profit sector in their missions to help humanity.
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Why Do Individuals join Purchasing Partners of America?
Joining as an individual member of Purchasing Partners of America helps the non-profit members to achieve deeper discounts by increasing the amount of goods or services purchased from our vendors. The more dollars spent by the group with a PPA vendor the larger are the discounts for all members of the group. Deeper discounts means more money is available for our non-profit community members to achieve their missions. The individual gets a significant discount on goods and services while directly benefiting non-profit members working in our communities.
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How Does PPA generate revenue to operate the group purchasing organization?
Purchasing Partners of America does not charge any membership fees. PPA is fully supported by administrative fees from our vendors based on purchases of the members. Being a social enterprise, a percentage of profits are donated to charitable organizations.