PPA Goods & Services

PPA negotiates contracts at discounted rates with vendors. The discounted rates can be negotiated because of the combined purchasing power of PPA, and because PPA provides vendors a unique sales opportunity to the PPA membership.

Our main focus is to negotiate contracts with national vendors that will give PPA members the best discounts while delivering stellar service. This combination of excellent price and customer service insures that members remain satisfied with their choice of participating in Purchasing Partners of America.

PPA offers the following value propositions to its members:

  • Discounted rates on goods and services because of the combined purchasing power of PPA
  • Strong support for PPA members in terms of; understanding and working with vendor contracts,   maximizing the benefits of the vendor contracts and troubleshooting any difficulties with vendors.     PPA vendors were selected because:
    • They are able to provide quality goods and/or services
    • They provide high quality customer service
    • They offer the best discounted savings to PPA members
    • They meet PPA requirements for geographic accessibility
    • They are willing to meet PPA requirements for a single point of contact, data reporting, etc.

PPA specializes on offering members services offer through Staples Advantage which includes; office supplies, related office furniture, break-room equipment and supplies, cleaning products, computer equipment and printing services.

        Staples Business Advantage        Staples http://www.staples.com Copying, Imaging Services, IT Hardware, Office equipment, Office Furniture, Break Room Equipment/Supplies, Office Supplies, Paper Products, Printing, School Supplies     Area served: National

The Purchasing Partners of America program is easy to use. Each member purchases only the vendor goods and services that make sense to them. Members maintain and operate their own accounts working with representatives from Staples and utilizing PPA’s negotiated prices.